5 miles or 10 miles ……which distance?!

The thought of running is sometimes more appealing than the reality especially if the training isn’t how we want it or the focus switches mid training due to injury or external factors, family, work, friends, the general flow of life!

As Spring attempts to break through, it’s a good time to see how you feel, what you want to achieve; importantly what will be fun! Running alone or with friends both have benefits.   Training towards the same goal is always good and motivating, we runners are good at lifting each other and understand so much can change from run to run be it physical or mental wellbeing all important factors to enjoying your run.

Training plans are always good to follow if you don’t think you have the discipiline or want advice of improving your run.

Be realistic with your choice, ensure its not going to become an obligation, keep it fun, challenge yourself but don’t beat yourself up, there are so many great runs, all sorts of distances and terrains, keep happy and enjoy every step even the ones of doubt as the next steps will be ones of determination and success!

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