We are delighted to be supporting alongside our sponsor Pinewood School Threshold, Swindon’s Homeless Charity.


Who are we?

Threshold Housing Link, commonly know as Threshold, has been Swindon’s Homeless Charity for over 40 years. It all started in 1972, by a group of local individuals known as The Swindon Cyrenians (AGAPE), that used to rally together, offering soup to those found rough sleeping on the streets. Over the years, the charity has grew and changed. The Swindon Cyrenians became Thamesdown Housing Link in 1998 and in 2004 Thamesdown Housing Link became Threshold Housing Link. However, the charity’s intention have always remained the same; to support homeless individuals in Swindon.

Our aims

Threshold’s aims are

1. To prevent homelessness in Swindon

2. To alleviate the associated social exclusion of homelessness and actively asset recovery from its effects

3. Influence policy that affects homeless and socially excluded people

Our mission statement

To end homelessness. To help vulnerable people create a better life and independence.

What we do

Each year over 750 people (and rising) reach out to access our services, whether it be for advice, support, advocacy or accommodation. Take a closer look below to see exactly what we do to help those in need.