Children’s Run

The Ridgeway Run

This year we are really happy to be doing a children’s trail run, the course will start and finish in the same place as the 10 and 5 mile route.  Children aged 7- 13 are invited to enter, the route is just under a mile and runs the base of the coomb, there is a bit of a hill and the ground is multi-terrain.  A grown up is welcome to run alongside any children who may want some feet on the ground in trainers support!

The route is such that the children will be in view for the course.  The run starts at 0900. Entry is £6 and thanks to the sponsor Pinewood School we hope to give a significant part of the entry to Wiltshire Air Ambulance who we are proud to support this year.  There will be prizes, medals and a goody bag!  Enter via our registration page.

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5 miles or 10 miles ……which distance?!

The thought of running is sometimes more appealing than the reality especially if the training isn’t how we want it or the focus switches mid training due to injury or external factors, family, work, friends, the general flow of life!

As Spring attempts to break through, it’s a good time to see how you feel, what you want to achieve; importantly what will be fun! Running alone or with friends both have benefits.   Training towards the same goal is always good and motivating, we runners are good at lifting each other and understand so much can change from run to run be it physical or mental wellbeing all important factors to enjoying your run.

Training plans are always good to follow if you don’t think you have the discipiline or want advice of improving your run.

Be realistic with your choice, ensure its not going to become an obligation, keep it fun, challenge yourself but don’t beat yourself up, there are so many great runs, all sorts of distances and terrains, keep happy and enjoy every step even the ones of doubt as the next steps will be ones of determination and success!


The Ridgeway Run is using Lapio Mobile Timing Solution for managing the results on the day. This means there will be no chip at the event. When you cross the finish line, there will be volunteers who are responsible for the timing. They will type your number into the Lapio Mobile App and your time will be launched to the result page right away. This means that it is really important that you wear your racenumber on the front.


Whether you are new to running or a runner looking for company there are some great running clubs in the area.

Here are a few; if you are a running club and would like to get involved please contact us.

The clubs we have listed we know, they are really friendly  with a mixed range or abilities and ages, they are very welcoming to new faces and you are sure to find someone who runs at your pace whether that be a hare or a tortoise.

Highworth Running Club

White Horse Harriers

Marlborough Running Club

Swindon Harriers

Swindon Striders

Swindon Shin Splints

Slinn Allstars

Devizes Running Club

Pewsey Vale Running Club




Both routes start and finish in Ashbury, running past the church up a narrow path turning right onto a footpath running along the field, keeping to the right hand side, you will then go up some steps, turn left towards a field and then right following the footpath you will see ahead of you a left hand turn where you will start your gentle climb up onto the ridgeway.  Turning left you will run along the ridgeway then turn right where signposted keeping to the hedge line on a footpath down the side of a field towards Ashdown.  There will be a sign taking you left down the side of the Ashdown Woods with the house on the right handside, the path takes you to your first water stop and then crossing the B4000, this is where the 5 mile and 10 mile route split.

Below are the maps.