If you’d like to run for a charity please see the links below and contact them directly for information and fundraising support.

The Ridgeway Run’s event charity for 2017 is  Headway Swindon.


Headway Swindon is a centre based charity providing a range of activities that assist adults with a brain injury to reach their full potential and progress towards independent living. Headway provides a safe, relaxed environment that welcomes people living in Swindon and surrounding areas, and is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

Our staff take care to understand the needs of each individual, and to draw up a personal development plan so that our members can set achievable goals and monitor their progress. We use Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy to help people to relearn skills that have been affected as a result of damage to the brain.

The activities we offer include:

Computers equipped with specialist software
Pen and paper exercises
Speech and language sessions
Conversation / discussion groups
Singing as therapy
Cooking groups
Art therapy
Reading circle

At Headway Swindon, people with brain injuries come first and are valued and respected. We are committed to helping each and every one reach their full potential so that they can be themselves, live as independent lives as possible and enjoy life in their local community. We believe that all brain injuries matter – no injury is too slight to ignore or too severe to lose hope. Everyone recovers at their own pace and for some people, it can take many years for the brain to repair and develop. Headway Swindon is also committed to raising public and professional awareness of acquired brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries, their families and their carers.

If you would like to run for Swindon Headway please email Catherine via the link below or call Catherine Brown on 01793 674823

Email Catherine

We are thrilled also that the below charities will also be running with us. All for great causes and they would love you to run for them.  See below for more information on each charity and contact details.

Prospect Colour Logo - hi res.jpg

Who we are

Our vision is for excellence and choice in end-of-life care for everyone, and in the care that we provide for people, it is our goal to make their experience of time spent with Prospect Hospice one that is typified by individualised care, given freely, how and where they wish it to be. Prospect Hospice is the only adult hospice in the Swindon, Marlborough and north east Wiltshire area. We support a diverse population of more than 300,000 people on the basis of their need and no other factor.

What we do

Our services for patients and family members are designed to offer a broad range of care opportunities, led by the needs of local people diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, and those of their families too. For people living with the uncertainty that’s an inevitable part of life approaching its end, we can help. In 2014-15 we cared for and supported 6,362 people from across our community and at any given time over 530 patients are being helped by Prospect Hospice in the community, care homes, at Great Western Hospital and at the hospice in Wroughton. Last year 87% of the patients we met were cared for in the place they chose to be at the end of their lives.

Why we need you

Last year it cost more than £7.2M to provide the care and raise the funds to provide our care our patients and their families depend on each year. We receive less than 30 per cent of our income from statutory organisations such as the NHS – the rest we raise ourselves. We look to maximise whenever possible the worth of all that our community contributes to Prospect Hospice and 89p of every £1 we raise is spent on care and support for patients and their families.

For the contact details,

Louise Brooks

Challenge Events Fundraiser

01793 816180


SWIFT Medics are highly trained Pre-hospital Emergency Care Doctors who, when they are not at work as GPs or hospital doctors, volunteer to attend road traffic accidents and medical emergencies in Wiltshire. They are called upon when an incident is so serious that the NHS ambulance team need an appropriately qualified doctor at the scene. Approximately once a week, our volunteer doctors either save a life or prevent a life-changing injury. We are a registered charity and receive no Government funding so are 100% reliant on charitable donations.

We are called into action when a patient requires the intervention of a doctor before they are transported to hospital. Whilst highly trained, NHS paramedics are not always able to provide all the care required in the most serious of cases. For example, a doctor experienced in pre-hospital emergency care can place patients on life support, provide intensive care treatment in the event of a cardiac arrest or perform emergency surgical procedures such as a tracheostomy or re-inflation of a collapsed lung.

Sadly our work does not always have a happy ending. Occasionally patients may be too severely injured to survive and the relief of their suffering and provision of life support systems by SWIFT Medics doctors can allow time for their families to see them before they die and sometimes to generously donate their organs such that others may live.

It costs around £2,000 a year to keep an existing SWIFT Medics doctor on the road with the essential drugs and equipment they require. In a typical year there are about 1,000 incidents in Wiltshire where the presence of a doctor alongside the ambulance team could significantly improve the patient’s chance of survival but, due to our limited funding, we are only able to attend approximately 1 in 4 of these incidents. We urgently need to recruit, train and equip more volunteer doctors but providing one such individual with blue light driver training, medical supplies and equipment to intervene in an emergency costs £10,200.

So please do get in touch to support the fantastic work of this literally life-saving charity. Contact Emma at for information on running for SWIFT Medics.


We need your help to raise funds now so that we can continue to offer the range of specialist care and support we provide for young patients with terminal illness and their families.

Your donation will help make sure we can continue to fund the specialist care and support we provide for babies, children, young adults and their families from across Berkshire, Bucks, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and parts of London.

We rely on voluntary donations – 88p in every £1 – to provide this specialist hospice service. It costs over £5 million every year to run the service and we only receive around 12% statutory funding. That means we rely on the generosity of people like you in the community to be able to provide exceptional hospice care.

By making a donation you will help us raise the funding we need to continue to provide the exceptional and wide ranging care and support we provide for children and young adults aged from birth to 35.

In an increasingly difficult economic climate for charities we are asking people to give money that will help us pay for exceptional hospice care.

Without your support we cannot provide what we do now – from in-house hospice care to outreach nursing, family support (pre and post bereavement), the sibling support club, and the range of experiences and opportunities that help our young patients and their families make the most of their time together.

Contact: Hannah Barrett, Events Manager.  Telephone 01865 799150

email: Hannah Barrett


YoungDementia UK is based in Oxfordshire supporting people affected by young onset dementia. Dementia is young onset when it affects someone before the age of 65.

People with young onset dementia experience similar symptoms to older people with the condition, but the impact on their lives is significantly different. Many are still working and have financial commitments such as a mortgage, children at home and dependent parents. There are more than 42,000 people in the UK with young onset dementia and over 400 people in Oxfordshire.

YoungDementia UK is dedicated to ensuring people affected by young onset dementia have the best opportunity to live well. We do this by providing

• Individual support – to enable younger people with dementia to continue their hobbies and maintain their skills to improve their confidence and self-esteem.
• Family support – a lifeline for many families coming to terms with a diagnosis and adapting to living with young onset dementia as well as enabling them to plan for their future.
• Group support – giving younger people with dementia the chance to try new skills and for people affected by young onset dementia to meet one another and share experiences.

We’d love you to join us taking on the Ridgeway Run and supporting YoungDementia UK. Please get in touch with Helen at



Being told ‘you have a brain tumour’ is terrifying, isolating and confusing. We know. brainstrust, the brain cancer people, is here to help patients and those who look after them feel more in control, feel less alone and be less afraid in the face of a terrifying brain tumour diagnosis. The money you raise will help us support more brain cancer patients in your local area.

Please contact Tessa. Tel: 07948 400329 Email:

SWA Logo

Swindon Women’s Aid is a domestic domestic abuse service for residents living in the Swindon. Our service operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, it’s confidential and free of charge.We also have a 24/7 direct telephone helpline which is answered by specialist staff irrespective of the time you call – day or night.

We provide both specialist emergency refuge for women and children fleeing violence and abuse and a community service which provides outreach support to both female and male victims, including those in same sex relationships. We also have a small children and young people’s team which supports the children and young people living in our refuge and who also work with local schools and colleges in raising awareness of healthy relationships.

Contact: Abby 01793 864 984 email:

SNDogs logo

Founded in 2012 and became a Registered Charity in 2015, SNDogs is a foster-based, dog rescue (dogs are placed in foster homes instead of having to endure the stress of kennels). SNDogs is run entirely by a small, but ever expanding, group of volunteers who tirelessly promote, fundraise, attend events, homecheck, foster and walk the dogs looking for homes.

SNDogs remit is to:
re-home dogs from Swindon’s dog pound and other UK dog pounds
re-home dogs from other dog rescues in the UK and sometimes from abroad
re-home dogs whose owners ‘circumstances change and are no longer able to look after them ie go into care home

as well as help with temporary foster in emergencies ie owner goes into hospital and can offer free dog food for those who unexpectedly and temporarily find themselves unable to feed their dog

Opportunites to meet the SNDogs looking for homes can be arranged on a one to one basis and the dogs are also out and about at fundraising events, Street Collections etc and at the monthly dog walk which takes place at Coate Water in Swindon.

All the dogs looking for homes can be found on the SNDogs Website: and each dog has its own Facebook page too!

Email: tel: 07940 268101


Lambourn RDA is part of a national organisation made up of Member Groups dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities, through riding. Our aim is simple; to give children and adults confidence and independence to benefit their health and wellbeing and to achieve their goals, whilst having fun.

We run riding sessions three times a week run by our amazing team of volunteers. As a self-funded registered Charity we rely on fund raising and donations to run the group and all offers of help are welcomed with open arms.

Medical professionals recognise that there are significant therapeutic benefits for the rider. The warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse is transmitted through the rider’s body, gradually making it more relaxed and supple, reducing spasms and improving balance, posture and co-ordination.

Riding offers an element of risk, often denied to many people, especially those who have been affected by an accident or serious illness and offers them the chance to regain mobility and a sense of achievement.

Contact Frances Lochrane 07798 941229 or Jill Fitzpatrick 01488 73718/07977 911990

against breast cancer logo

Against Breast Cancer wants to increase survival rates of breast cancer patients by funding research in 3 main areas;
1) We envisage a future where a home test kit is available to allow breast cancer patients and high risk individuals to be monitored without extra appointments being required to enable earlier diagnosis than currently possible
2) Design of better, more effective treatments (ultimately a vaccine) that can target secondary cells wherever they are in the body and destroy them without damaging surrounding healthy tissue, and;
3) through prevention by understanding how diet and lifestyle factors impact risk.

The charity established the DietCompLyf cohort in 1996 to collect annual blood and urine samples from thousands of breast cancer patients, as well as diet and lifestyle questionnaires, to help fill a critical gap in relevant research. The DietCompLyf collection was completed in December 2014 and comprises of over 23,000 biological samples and 46,000 questionnaires taken for 5 years after a first diagnosis, and is the largest collection of its kind in the UK.

The DietCompLyf collection and continued funding from Against Breast Cancer will help move research forward in all 3 areas –. New treatments are being designed at the University of Oxford to refocus the immune system and allow it to ‘see’ secondary breast cancer cells, and the Against Breast Cancer Fellowship programme was introduced in 2014 to support rising scientific talent in the breast cancer treatment arena.

For more information please contact Richard Martin, Events Fundraiser (Sports and Challenges)

Against Breast Cancer
Leathem House
13 Napier Court
Barton Lane
OX14 3YT
Tel +44 (0) 1235 858282
Tel +44 (0) 1235 534211